Let’s be the leaders of the world that we want to generate

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The world is at war, the economies are disrupted and people are worried. In these periods of great uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that the largest financial institution in Quebec is a co-operative. Our economies are linked, but that does not keep us from the jolts of the global economy, but we know that whatever happens, investments are made here and decisions are made by people here who are looking for the best solution for their 5 million members.


The co-operative calls for participation. This is one of the fundamental principles of co-operation. Security is also being in control, in responsibility. This is not the case for the closure of the GM plant, for example, whose decision was made elsewhere than in Quebec. The democracy of our states and peace in the world are also threatened because of a system that concentrates wealth and produces social exclusion. Co-operation is the opposite: it is the democracy of the economy made accessible to all.

Our co-operatives are also distinguished by their survival rate which is double that of other types of businesses. These are stable foundations capable of generating sustainable jobs and sustainable development. Our co-operatives are inalienable; that is, they can’t be sold. They are therefore immune to foreign takeovers. Stability is security.

But nothing is acquired. We must see to our development. More than ever, we are challenged to make co-operation more visible and accessible. Without restraint, full of the strength of the just, put forward the co-operative formula with a sense of urgency. Let’s make sure we are flawless in everything we do: internal management, promotion, training.

Let us be the leaders of the world that we want to generate. The co-operative formula is always astonishing actuality. It is a great response to the new challenges we face. Co-operation has history; she has a future too, because of you all. Our success tomorrow is based on our joint and supportive efforts.
To make co-operation available as we do is to work for the economic and social development of our communities, it is to work for peace.

Luc Labelle

President and CEO
Council of Quebec Cooperation
November 2001