About Luc Labelle

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Luc Labelle has effectively contributed to Quebec’s economic development for more than 25 years. He stands for a world-class leadership propelling organizations to unprecedented levels of performance.

He is Deputy Director General of the City of Longueuil responsible for corporate services and responsible for continuous improvement, for the development and performance management. Longueuil is the third largest agglomeration in Quebec, with approximately 425,000 citizens and 3,000 employees. For almost ten years until March 2015, he managed the Chambre de la sécurité financière, as its president & CEO. This important organization of the financial industry in Quebec, with 32,000 professionals members has launched many innovations and many records of performance and productivity were registered. In 2014 the quality of its management was recognized by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité.

Before, Mr. Labelle was vice-president of development at Investissement Québec and then president and general manager of the Conseil de la coopération du Québec. He was also lecturer at the HEC Montréal (University of Montreal) for several years.

Holder of a doctorate degree in business administration from BSI in 2017 and a master’s of science in management (M.Sc.) from the HEC, he is ICD.D certified director and has served on several boards of directors of public and collective companies. Mr. Labelle won a top Canadian prize for the best business plan, the 1996 « Prix Relève d’Excellence HEC » and was awarded the title of « Professional of the year » in economic development in 1999 (entrepreneurship).​

Known as an excellent communicator and sought-after guest speaker, he is a source of reference in business management, organizational transformation and development. A visionary, his leadership produced remarkable growth results.